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tiffany ABCs- f a v o r i t e  o u t f i t s

No matter what you like doing, I think you should push aside your worries about what will happen in the future because you’re going to gain experience from it anyways. I think it’s best to do what you like with dedication now instead of listening to what others say about it. Music is also best when it’s produced like that.” “Bangtan will be a group that’s always thankful for ARMYs and a group faithful to the stage and music. We’ll never lose our original intentions and become artists that ARMYs won’t ever be embarrassed of.” “We hope that you’ll always stay by our side! We’re here because you’re here ㅠㅠ You know that, right? I love you!” - Kim Namjoon ©

"Should we make a promise?"
"What kind of promise?"
"That no matter what happens, we’ll trust each other."


seungyoon is really touchy feely and horribly awkward and not afraid 2 embarrass himself on television and apologizes for everything hes basically zico but w/ less swag and more trot hes like a senior citizen early bird special brand of zico no wonder they get along


When Sungjong called Hoya in the show


exo? you mean fan fan and the galaxy gang?


So we know we had a giveaway just a little bit ago for a B.A.P album, in celebration of hitting a certain number of followers, but we have something even bigger to celebrate now - today, August 17, is B’s birthday!  And because we’re in such a celebratory mood, B’s decided she would like to give YOU GUYS a present.

This time we’ll be giving away a copy of GOT7’s GOT♡!  B’s already got the album in her possession, ready to go, all we need is a person to ship it off to!


1. reblog this post ONE TIME to enter.  Like it for one additional entry.  Please don’t reblog multiple times because it messes with the notes!
2. have your ask box open so we can contact you if you win!
3. you do not have to be following us.  While we do appreciate that people follow us and that they love our scans, we don’t wanna force anyone, you know?  Be here of your own free will \(^-^)/
4. if you’re under 18, please obtain parent permission for us to send this to you if you win.  The last thing we want is to terrify your parents with the whole “giving our address out to internet people” thing.
5. absolute no giveaway blogs. That’s not fair.  Use your main account.
6. This giveaway will close August 31!  We’ll announce when we draw and contact the winner, but we will not release the winner’s name unless they want us to.  They’ll have 48 hours to respond to us - if they don’t respond in time, another winner will be drawn! (ETA: we will ship anywhere in the world, so reblog away, international fans!)

That’s it!  If you have any questions at all, the ask is open, or you can ask on our ask.fm.  Good luck!

❝ Seungri to fan: My fan service is like Samsung’s service.
Taeyang: Why are you talking about Samsung all of a sudden?
Seungri: Because they provide service until their customer is satisfied. ❞

- Naver Starcast (cr BBVIPChannel)


me meeting a person who hasn’t ever heard kpop



zitao’s “good” point according to kris

Zitao is the ultimate Kris’ weakness everyone knows that


have u guys noticed suga sits in every scene of this mv


in the car


by the pool


in the kitchen


in the living room


at the feet of these ladies


on the hood of the car itself





 grand entrance of the fabulous brithday boi suga

his thing

'91-line friends: Jungshin and Seohyun

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