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when asked to choose a topic for a quiz on women’s health

i'm in love with the choreography --look at that syncronization (x)

i’m not even trying to understand what’s up with this group anymore…

Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy - Beanpole

Pledis Entertainment artist’s most viewed video’s

Young VS Old 

Myungsoo's "Mickey" outfit
"Korean fans know Korean very well. American fans know English really well. Thai fans know Thai very well. But don’t they all feel the same connection to music? Even if their languages are different…"
- 김 성규 Kim Sunggyu  (via myung-deok)

Min bodyporn

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ts soloists, duo& subunit♡

lmao Joon!

It has been 3 years since these angels grace their presence on stage. These past 3 years has been filled with struggles, hardships, criticism, and an irreplaceable loss. But past through the hard times, the good times outweighs it more. The seven of you are just another reason why I smile, so I hope the whole pink panda fandom can make the seven of you smile as well. Fans will always stand by you, it's been 3 years, let's be together for more.

Love, a dedicated pink panda since 2011.